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The importance of a LICENSED stylist for your services

Why is it important to have a licensed stylist that you trust for hair and makeup for your wedding and other occasions?

For starters, it's always best to work with your stylist so they can become familiar with your hair. It's very important for you both to be comfortable with each other. A great professional will have no problems helping you pick out the best style for you since they are trained in face shapes. A trial run is a must! A lot of brides these days seem to want to skip this step and that is NOT acceptable. You will always notice the sanitary parts of a professional and that is also key.

Second, your licensed professional will know exactly what is needed for makeup. It is MUCH more than knowing how to apply makeup. It is important they are well trained with photography. Not every look and brand of makeup is photo worthy. There is a lot to take into consideration, but should all be left for your stylist to worry about, NOT you. Proper cleaning of these tools are also extremely important to prevent the spread of infections and skin diseases.

Always make sure your stylist is licensed and trained. It's so important and we can NOT express this enough. Just because someone sales makeup does NOT mean they are licensed to touch and properly trained. You do not have to be licensed to SELL makeup so don't be tricked.

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