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Summer Hair

Well memorial day has passed which for us in Chapin means lake life and our start to Summer! How can you have your best summer hair with minimal effort? Over the years we have gathered some tricks we gladly share!

1. Sunscreen! It's not just for your body, make sure you apply to any exposed areas of the Scalp and use products with UV protection, the sun can dry your hair & fade your color! We carry spray and shampoo products with UV protection, and there are many on the market!

2. Other element exposure: water, beach, lake and wind = all outdoor activity can be drying. Apply a moisturizing conditioner before having your hair in water. We are fans of Amika cleansing conditioner for chronic lake days. It is very hydrating and has no waxes, so no nasty residue!

3. Get more frequent trims to help keep those tangles and dry ends under control! You don't have to lose any length! Add in a conditioning treatment!

4 Embrace your natural texture or change it. If you hate your frizz and puffy curls we can tame with a First Shampoo smoothing treatment. OR....EMBRACE IT! Use humidity sprays and leave-ins and and air day. This is the time to be more relaxed and save heat styling for special events.

5. Try new braided styles or ways to wear it up, we love tutorials on YouTube! If you need any help we are here!

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