• The Color Bar

Introducing the team.

As you already know, I am Nicole Simmons. I own The Color Bar along with my Husband George. He does so much work behind the scenes for us and we are very appreciative of him.

I have known since the 7th grade that I wanted to do hair. I was very blessed to have parents to support me and when I was old enough in high school, I applied to the Cosmetology program at the local Career Center and was accepted. My last 2 years of High School was split between mornings at the Career Center and traveling back everyday to school for 2 afternoon classes. I took my state board exam in April, passed, and got my license before I graduated high school in June of 2005.

Starting out was scary and exciting at the same time. This is not a job you jump into and start making a lot of money right away. It takes time to build a clientele and make a name for yourself. Finding a salon you fit in is also hard at times, but I feel fortunate that I worked at a few different salons and learned so much from all of them. At the age of 28, I became a business owner of my own.

Next I want you to meet Brooke Arthur. Brooke is from the west coast. As a very young girl there were incidents that pointed out her creative style such as cutting the barbie's hair to the family pet cat (poor kitty). LOL. Her mother saw the artistic abilities in her later in life and tried encouraging her by giving her makeup to play with and books to learn from. After high school, Brooke started Cosmetology school in her home town for Esthetics more than anything. Graduating in 2003 and receiving her Oregon State License she went straight to work in a spa.

Over the years esthetics and makeup were her main focus, working for Lancome, Clinic, Stilla, and more. After moving to South Carolina and meeting her husband, she decided to focus on hair and went back to school to receive her SC State Licence. In July of 2016, Brooke was a SC Registered Cosmetologist. After moving to Chapin she chose to move salons (because Columbia traffic sucks). On February 7, 2017 Brooke started at The Color Bar.

And Last but not least, Meet Laurie Connelly. Laurie is married to my brother and works as our receptionist and assistant. As a married mother of 2, Laurie started Paul Mitchell in October 2016 where she attends night classes. In April, 2018, Laurie will become a licensed Cosmetologist and start as a stylist in the salon.

We all are blessed and continue to grow everyday. There is nothing better than team work!!