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50 Shades of excitement!

Ya'll, I have to tell you about this one client I have! The First time we met, I was cutting her friends hair. She walked in and stopped dead in her tracks and said "who did your hair?" and pointed at me. Another stylist in the salon said "me!" and she said "NO, who mixed that color?" And I replied "me." At that moment we all just looked at each other not knowing where this was going. Then, she said "BOOK ME!" Almost 8 years later, she is still the funnest client I know.

I develop personal relationships with clients, each one is different. This is a huge reason why I love my job. Over these years we have done so many crazy fun colors and styles. I just love her so much! She keeps me on my toes and lets me try new things on her. I think we have done every color in the rainbow and she rocks it every time! I'm pretty sure she is the only girl around here that can pull off her amazing colorful style in her corporate job. I will never forget the time she had a major out of state meeting and no fun color. They asked her where her color was, lol. Everyone is so use to seeing her with it,so she called and said, "I need some color ASAP" and we went straight to work.

I believe the last time we did her hair, her pictures on social media got the most likes, shares and comments I have ever had. Now I have to step up my game on her next appointment, but the challenge makes me even more excited than the last time. #thecolorbarsc #tooglamtogiveadamn #livecolorfully

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